This is the – close to – final iteration of Temptouch.

What is not show in this image is the Computer Tablet.

So how does it work.

The audience member can input, via the tablet screen, a name of a location of the world – city and country. The tablet sends this information over the internet to Temptouch. Temptouch requests, again over the internet, the current temperature of that location from the website Weather Underground. Temptouch will then alter the temperature of the touch plate to represent the current temperature of that location.


I have chosen this the SteamPunky, copper, old school science lab aesthetic, to provide a contradiction. We are forever requesting data to be represented to us on the screens that surround us – our phones, computers etc. Temptouch asks us input the data in our normal way, a keypad, but gives us back a physical haptic representation.


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