Starting, especially a Phd, seems to be the most confronting thing.

Open source is a world in which I live. Most of the information and knowledge I have acquired is from you and others. Reading endless blogs post, instructional videos. People who are willing to share their knowledge on-line for all to see and critique, and amazingly, for free. I have learnt, strange to say, in isolation connected to everyone. It is time for me to contribute back to these communities.

I am an introvert and as such fine it hard to share, not because I don’t want anyone to steal my ideas (most likely those ideas are probably are ready done by someone else anyway), but the hard fact of not thinking these ideas are worth anything to anyone. This I see, for myself and am sure others, is a huge problem with the internet. There seems to be a huge amount of people that probably should bite their tongue and keep worthless comments to themselves. And we are in an era, that the connectivity we share can create change and disseminate vast amount of knowledge and ideas.

Anyway…here I go… putting it out there.

This journey began with my going to university at the age of 37. I spent the previous 20 years of my life work in the entertainment industry as a Sound Technician and Production manager…to some… a roadie. I worked with loud rock bands, theatrical performances and may other strange and wonderful project in between… yes contemporary dance.

When I wasn’t living out of a suit case, I was making stuff.. I grew up on a farm, so wasn’t scared of getting my hands dirty. I bought, with my left over Per Diem, lathes and mills and TIG welding units and .. and .. and…and I built.  A life long friend showed me CAD which eventually led me to 3d printing. I started expanding into Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s and other fruit based Internet of Things devices.

And then one day, I raised up from my chair, in the office of a music festival I was working at at the time, and looked around me. I realised I was sick and tired of working on everyone ideas and not not my own.. so I quit, and decide to try my luck at university. Applied for a product design degree, and got addicted to academia..and now my head hurts..

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